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With a knowledgable and experienced team of business and data consultants, we are able to:

  • Run growth opportunity workshops to look at the key business objectives, partnering with your existing business growth coaches if required.
  • Align our knowledge of data, sales and marketing to explore and discuss the main constraints to growth.
  • Focus on helping businesses to re-construct and employ new data and information, enhanced and delivered through data visualisations.
  • Partner with your marketing teams and agencies to unleash new opportunities, or help your finance department to analyse current expenditure.

Below are our range of relevant services to this BigData focus.


Driving to win new business ? B2C and B2B marketing campaign planners can benefit from doing a comprehensive data audit. If data entry quality has been poor e.g. in practice management systems then the ROI of marketing campaigns will be sub-optimal. Our quick comprehensive data audits can reveal the degree to which data needs to be improved, as well as indentify opportunities to augment the data. NB. The data can also be held safely in a Cloud storage centre until new systems are ready  – a double benefit.

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Following our data audits, our experts can advise on what needs to be done to improve your data, whether for consumers or for businesses. Possibilities include the augmentation and correction of names, salutations, duplications, addresses, postcodes, email validity, telephone details, social media data, company directors, insertion of demographic classifications plus ONS, census and research data.

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In a changing world of BigData and Cloud services, it is the scope not necessarily the volume of data that businesses need to think about. In a fast moving social media world you need to go beyond what data items are held in narrowly defined internal systems. We specialise in designing and building new age Cloud stored data models fronted by on-line networked business intelligence dashboards, which enable forward thinking businesses to thrive – in Tourism and Leisure, Food and Drink, E-Commerce, Professional Services and Health and Social Care amongst others.

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Using our advanced data models, we aggregate  the data a business should hold by extracting and merging data from established websites, e-commerce, CRM systems such as and finance systems including Sage or Xero. We improve, augment and curate intelligence data models. Access is provided to senior finance, sales and marketing managers via exciting business intelligence visualisations for use in analysing cost controls, strategic planning and marketing campaigns. An ongoing service where a Company never needs to buy new servers in-house, reducing systems spend yet increasing service levels.

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Organic business growth can become more effective by complementing operations with new trading partner opportunities. Our knowledge of major UK companies across a diverse range of sectors enables us to help pinpoint potential businesses to trade or partner with. In this way we can help SMEs, LEPs, Development Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, and Accountancy and Legal Groups to add real value to their work.

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With BigData aggregation of existing customer data, it is possible to analyse and segment those customers which represent the most profitable cohorts. In our B2C market expansion service we search out and  match fresh targets  to assist companies’ in-house marketing staff, or their marketing agencies, to improve their entire selling and marketing propositions.

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Trading on E-Bay, Amazon, Shopify, Infusionsoft  or your own WordPress site? Accounts on XERO or Sage? Trying Doing Mailchimp runs? Watching Twitter or Facebook feeds? Losing control of your data?  We offer a data  integration  service to extract, improve and merge all content and add demographics, whether B2B or B2C. Linking with XERO or Sage accounts, we correlate orders and communications by customer, and drill into profit, loss & shipping expenses by segment.

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Many companies are keen to install new systems to support expansion. Some move their CRM information to in the cloud.  Some install new local on-premise CRM or ERP systems. With few exceptions, internal IT and software suppliers can underestimate the complexity, and time involved needed, to migrate complex and complete information and data. Our expertise can be called upon to reduce this risk.

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Our data protection barrister will be able to ensure that our clients, who store and handle consumer data, do not fall foul of the forthcoming stringent GDPR legislation. By March 2018, all companies and businesses will need to have adopted new procedures to capture, store, update all consumer data including opt-in permissions. Consumers will be required to grant permissions for businesses to hold their information including the length of time and purpose.  The time to act is now.

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